Maze Game

This project was completed as a project for the advanced programming class at UVM in Fall 2017. The end result wasa comprehensive and novel game written in C++ with only a low level graphics library (i.e., display basic shapes and text when provided pixel coordinates). Please check out the example videos below and/or the project github.

The actual code for this project is not the best written, but this project highlights a number of very cool ideas, including ray-tracing, map flipping, maze solving algorithms and more. This project was also completed from start to finish in about a month and a half, and after only a month or two of learning C++.

Example video of the game, showing simple playthrough of the first few levels.
Example video showing some footage of quickly testing and exploring the level selection interface and hopping in and out of a few different levels.
Example video of an attempted playthrough of Level 7, which features a large number of the different features of the game, including all 3 different types of enemies.
Example video showing off the built-in level editor utility, which allows users to design their own levels, with a custom start location, multiple end locations, spawn points for different enemies and more.