Hi, I’m Sage. I’m a recent PhD graduate from the the Complex Systems and Data Science program at the University of Vermont.

I am currently still a member of the Hugh Garavan lab, which focuses on the analysis of human neuroimaging data, but have a broad range of interests beyond medical imaging analyses to both general Computer Science and Data Science. My under-graduate was in Computer Science and as such I have always had an intrest and a focus in both the practical aspects of writting software / code as well as the theoretical side. A discrete focus on my time in the PhD program has been in producing, maintaining and contributing to software packages designed broadly for neuroimaging analyses.

Please checkout my projects page and/or my github.

You can also check out my resume.


Researcher - Garavan Neuroimaging Lab

Performed data analysis on large collections of high dimensional human neuroimaging data with an emphasis on methods related to machine learning, time-series and network analysis, data visualization and statistical modeling. Performed analysis and data processing within cloud-based high performance computing environments. Further, designed and maintained numerous machine learning, data visualization and neuroimaging specific software packages. Also, contributed to existing open-source community driven software. Assisted colleagues with general software engineering support and data analysis support. Collaborated locally, regionally and globally in publishing research articles (20+ publications, 176 citations, h-index=8). (2019-2022)

Machine Learning Engineer - UVM Medical Center

Implemented deep learning computer vision algorithms for varied specialized medical diagnostic systems. Designed complete segmentation and prediction workflows, from data collection and labeling to inference. Collaborated closely with experts across disparate specialities and technical backgrounds, resulting in publications in relevant academic journals. (2018-2019)

Software Engineer - SelfieCause

Worked at startup, where I integrated mobile iOS applications in Swift with a RedShift database. Also implemented various web-crawling data scrapers for company specific dataset creation. (2018-2018)


PhD in Complex Systems & Data Science

University of Vermont (2018-2022)

BA in Computer Science

University of Vermont (2013-2018)
Computer Science Senior Award

Areas of Interest

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Software Engineering
  • Neuroimaging Analysis
  • Data Wrangling & Viz
  • Statistics